Earn Money Home Online

Ways To Earn Money Home Online


The single biggest factor that leads to either success or failure is being focused. Perseverance runs a close second but that’s a subject for another post.

When I started out in internet marketing, every method that I was exposed to seemed promising. I dabbled in so many different methods though, that I didn’t do a decent or complete job with any of them. Result: nothing to show for my efforts except frustration and invoices from products and services that I purchased in the process.

ways make money online

By the way, do you think that I left out a word in the above title? Keyword research is necessary for most of the internet marketing methods and my research on this exact phrase:

Earn Money Home Online

is what probably brought you to this post! As much as it’s improper grammar, the term gets a lot of searches by people like us. It also doesn’t appear in too many other web pages so it’s not that competitive to rank for. Ranking by the way is how high a specific website comes up in a search for a particular term. Getting traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines is done by ranking well.

Start using the absolute best keyword research tool

There’s something called SEO (search engine optimization) that revolves around keyword research. Keyword research also plays a huge role in everything from running ads to what and how you blog. This again is a huge subject and will be discussed in a later post.


Are you as confused as Captain Kirk yet?

Yea, I’ve been there. Catastrophic results are easily obtained by not knowing what we need to. It took many months before I got my act together and made some decisions of just what to do and how.

With that being said, the dilemma becomes – how do you know what makes sense for you? Part of this is relatively simple as it makes the most sense to get involved with something that you have a personal interest and/or expertise in. When we do something that we enjoy, it doesn’t seem like work! Wouldn’t you love to get paid for pursuing your favorite hobby?

As far as which method to employ in building an income, you’ll need to get familiar with many and see what your skill-set and comfort levels are with each. This requires learning. There’s also the matter of start-up costs. There are many ways to make money online that require little or no investment and at the other extreme, you can go bankrupt funding a PPC (pay per click) campaign.

There are many experts or gurus out there that claim that you need a mentor. Well, I partially agree. If you can find a good mentor that’s great but for most of us that won’t happen. Now getting training from someone that’s been in our shoes is another story. There are many very successful internet marketers that focus on a particular method and will teach you and show you how they’ve done it. Usually that involves buying a course. The right training that fits with your aspirations can make all the difference in the world.

There’s a lot to be learned by getting on the many webinars being offered by the experts. Yes, most of them do lead to a sales pitch for a product of some sort and some are very expensive. You may or may not be interested in what the pitch is for but I guarantee you that you’ll learn a whole lot just from listening and watching. In the sidebar on the right, I’ve listed some of the best webinars that you can watch and learn from for free. I’ve enrolled in some of the courses offered and I’ve benefited greatly from them.


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